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Good Clean Fun: Sanitation Tips for Your Events

Looking for advice on sanitation for your events? If so, then this blog is for you. My name's Sky and I work for a children's charity. We've been hosting fun runs and other sporting fundraisers for almost a decade now, and we're lucky enough to have multiple parks in our town that let us use their land for free. As most of those parks have no facilities attached, I've had to learn a lot about portable sanitation over the years. Now I'm sharing all my tips and tricks about hiring toilets, showers, skips and more. If you're planning any sort of event in a public place without on-site sanitation, I hope you'll find my posts useful!



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Does Your Rain Water Tank Need to be Cleaned or Repaired?

Rain water tanks are an environmentally friendly way to collect water for use in the garden or around the home. They can bring down your water bills, help you live a greener life and even give you drinking water directly from the skies.

Like any appliance, rain water tanks can sometimes develop problems. If you notice something amiss with your tank, it's important to figure out whether it needs repairs or replacement, or whether professional rain water tank cleaning is all it will take to get it operating as it's supposed to. Here are some common problems and what they might be telling you.

Bad smells

Sometimes this can be caused by poor aeration of the water in the tank. You may need to drain the whole tank, but this will, of course, mean it takes time for it to refill. An alternative is to get the water moving by using a hose to spray water into the tank. If this doesn't help, there may be another cause.

Luckily, this is unlikely to be anything that needs expensive repairs on the tank. The best thing to do is have it professionally inspected and cleaned, as there may be contamination causing the smell.


Most rain water tanks have mesh or filters to keep out breeding mosquitoes. If you've noticed a lot of them in the area and you think they might be breeding in the tank, it could be because this mesh has become damaged. In addition to getting it fixed, you'll also need to deal with the mosquito larvae. Usually, this will mean a full drain of the tank, which will almost always kill them all off. Wait until you're sure they won't be able to get back in before you take this step.

Discoloured water

This problem is often accompanied by a smell, but sometimes it occurs on its own. If rain runs into the tank via gutters, check the gutters for dirt and debris as it can build up quickly and make its way into the tank. Make sure you keep your gutters clean and install guards to keep debris out of the tank.


While a leaking tank probably means there's a hole somewhere that needs to be repaired, this isn't always the case. A build-up of dirt can cause blockages, and the water will find its way through elsewhere. If you haven't had the tank cleaned recently, this could well be the cause of the problem, especially during the autumn when leaves are a major culprit.