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Good Clean Fun: Sanitation Tips for Your Events

Looking for advice on sanitation for your events? If so, then this blog is for you. My name's Sky and I work for a children's charity. We've been hosting fun runs and other sporting fundraisers for almost a decade now, and we're lucky enough to have multiple parks in our town that let us use their land for free. As most of those parks have no facilities attached, I've had to learn a lot about portable sanitation over the years. Now I'm sharing all my tips and tricks about hiring toilets, showers, skips and more. If you're planning any sort of event in a public place without on-site sanitation, I hope you'll find my posts useful!



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How to Stop People Dumping Their Junk in Your Skip Bin

There is sometimes a sense of relief when your skip bin is delivered. You have been awaiting its arrival since the order was placed and have probably already begun to make piles of your junk in anticipation. Soon it will all be gone and your home will be wonderfully uncluttered!

The skip bin services company delivers the bin, places it in your preferred location and you get to work. Chances are that the work will take a day or two, so your skip bin will be sitting outside, unattended.

There's something rather disappointing about coming outside in the morning, only to find that a thoughtless stranger has dumped their junk into your open skip bin. It can be tempting to take advantage of a convenient skip bin, and yet it's still bothersome when this happens to you. You've paid the rental fee, but you can't even use the bin's full capacity. There is also the possibility that prohibited items have been placed inside, adding further complications.

If you are concerned about the security of your skip bin, there are a few things you could do.

Your Home's Existing Security Features

Of course your home already has a number of security features, and these can perhaps be utilised in order to keep your skip bin secure. Do you have a gate at the end of your driveway? You might have considered leaving the skip bin on the nature strip outside your home or even on the street (provided you've obtained the necessary permits from your local council).

If the delivery truck has room to manoeuvre, place the bin safely behind your gate. Alternatively, if you have sensor-activated lighting on your driveway, place the bin in the field of the sensors. A bright light might be enough to discourage any unwanted dumping.

If you own a dog and your front yard is fenced, why not allow the your dog to roam in the front yard while the bin is there? This might already be the case, but if not, some determined barking from your pooch could be enough to send those seeking to use your bin on their way.

A Bin With a Lid

You could pay a little extra and rent a bin with a lid. This has a latch, and you can then add a padlock to seal the bin at night, meaning only you can use it. This is also a really great idea if the weather forecast isn't looking so friendly during your bin rental period. The lid will stop the bin from filling up with rain.

Size Matters

If you don't need a large bin, then perhaps a traditional skip bin isn't the best way to go. Request a mobile skip bin, which is towed behind a vehicle instead of being delivered on the back of a flatbed truck. It's lightweight and once it has been uncoupled from the delivery vehicle, it can be moved by hand. This allows you to place it securely inside your garage or even wheel it into your backyard.